About us

Pakistan’s energy crisis has become an impediment in the country’s socio-economic growth. The economy and community at large is currently handicapped without the adequate provision of energy. Every year, energy deficiency increases due to the growing population needs and every year businesses are suffering losses with many seeking foreign avenues to set up their factories. The power shorage in 2012 reached an astounding figure of 8500 MW. The solution to this crisis lies in the conservation of energy and the generation and use of alternate energy. New Park Energy Limited (NPEL) has been established for the generation, transmission and supply of domestic power to domestic industrial and agricultural institutions. We aspire to contribute to energy production and decrease the deficiency gap that looms before us.

NPEL promotes and deals in alternative sources of energy as this technique preserves the natural environment while efficiently and effectively generating energy. We are particularly involved in large projects related to wind, solar, hydropower and hydel energy.  NPEL is also involved in facilitating and handling transmission lines in various areas of Pakistan. In collaboration with a diverse range of companies from Korea and Europe, NPEL is seeking new ventures that look into technically advanced products such as the latest pipe design, the new, liquid fertilizer and other products that have not yet been introduced in Pakistan.

At NPEL, we wish to establish a relationship with the surrounding environment and the community by using natural ways to serve Pakistan while preserving it.

NPEL is a pioneer in seeking alternative energy sources. In Pakistan we were first to be:

  • Registered with AEDB
  • Allocated land
  • Install its own imported wind mast – collected and processed data directly by experts in Germany over GSM network
  • Granted generation license

New Park has already done the following in its existing 50 MW project:

  • LOI – Letter of Intent from AEDB
  • Possession of approx. 1000 acres of land
  • Feasibility Study
  • Submission of Performance Guarantee to AEDB
  • Upfront Tariff from NEPRA
  • LOS – Letter of Support from AEDB
  • Initiation of signing of implementation Agreement (IA) from AEDB.
  • Arrangement of Banks for Financial Close