BS Canal Link Project

bs-linkNPEL has been issued LOI No. MD-PPDB/H-17/449/07 by the Punjab Power Development Board. This is for the development of a low head hydropower project of 10MW at a raw site, Balloki-Sulemanki Link Canal RD 266+000. This is in line with the Policy 2006 revised 2009 of the Government of Punjab to encourage private sector to undertake power generation projects.

BS Link-I Tail Hydropower Project would be developed on Balloki-Sulemanki—the area is located in the District of Okara, about 180km from Lahore. The distance from Karachi port is about 1215 km by road. The project area is easily accessible by railway, road and telephone systems.

Preparation Work for BS Link

bs-link34The Punjab Irrigation and Power Department provided us with the basic data regarding canal and canal structures in the form of structural drawings along with longitudinal section, daily discharge and water level data. Topographic mapping and sub-surface drilling were carried out
by a private company. NPEL was awarded the letter of Indent by the Punjab Private Power Development Board and the task of preparing the feasibility study was awarded to FHC Consulting Engineers, Lahore.

The powerhouse is indicated on the right bank where the free space is available and the construction activities are expected to be completed in 24 months from its initiation.

  • For the fall structure of B-S Link-I at tail RD 266+000, the average annual energy is estimated at 40.94 GWh. The energy varies from 10.1 GWh to 59.5 GWh. The yearly energy shown in the Figure above, which indicates that for a number of years annual energy is more than 45 GWh and there is uniformity of power and energy output.