Liquid Urea/Minerals

fertilizerUrea supply in Pakistan is not meeting the current demands of the country and production of Urea is low due to a prolonged energy crisis. Other obstacles in the path of Urea production include international pressures to halt operations because of alarming fears of Urea being used in terrorist activities Granule Urea is banned in most areas because of this reason. The shortage of raw materials the foremost being natural gas is the primary impediment of Urea production.


vegitablesFor the above reasons, NPEL has proposed to look into alternative methods in producing Urea in collaboration with a Korean Company. This new Urea product will be in the shape of a liquid and not the conventional granules. The striking quality about this Urea is that it will be purely composed of minerals instead of chemicals. NPEL will again be a pioneer in introducing cost-effective, energy saving techniques for producing a more effective product in the end.

With the latest technology and expertise imported from Korea, we seek to bring a product to Pakistan that will benefit the masses. This is an environment friendly product that will eventually reduce pollution. It harbors the chemical-free growth of crops, fruits and vegetables and will hopefully increase forestry and cultivation in our agriculture intensive Country.

The use of this new Urea would bring changes to crops depicted in these pictures.