Liquid Urea/Minerals

The soil is progressively acidifying after parched the disease and insects are overspreading endlessly. So, the productivity of agriculture, forestry have reduced and can not control pollution. But all nations have executed the wrong policy that mass production is best way. After that, the pollution & the situation of nature got progressively worse with lowproductivity, too. This is circulation link. Is it impossible to get method increasing productivity without pollution through nature? Scientists tried to find the method for this dream constantly. Unexpectedly the answer was discovered through nature. Earth had ben maintaining by herself adapting herself to the ecology of nature without agricultural pesticides through billions of years.
Especially ultra fine particles-minerals through weathering or erosion of We’ve found out all solutions through the nature.
rock(saprolite) that surface of earth is formed. The soil is refreshed by ultrafine particles-minerals. In other words, all microorganism is created by work of nature and is reproduced. all microorganism is helpful for growth, survival and make soil fertile for animals, plants. With the result that study this providence of nature patiently over 20years.we’ve developed new innovative fertilizer that consists of natural liquid minerals is extracted from saprolite in nature. This is world’s first and is called . < Super Mineral > is miracle and < Super Mineral > will be become innovative,
strategic brand through all over The world and basis of every buisiness.< Super Mineral >will be become solution of global agricultura-project Eventually.

we assure only uncontaminated nature will become alternative for food of humankind, green revoliution.

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