Solar Energy

The LOI has been approved by the Punjab Government to NPEL. We are in the process of conducting feasibility studies and in midst of talks of land being granted to us.

NPEL is the sole agent and representative of Kangnam Co., Ltd (Kangnam), in Pakistan for LED and solar power projects. Kangnam has been a specialized company for energy during the past quarter of a century both nominally and virtually as a front-runner developing alternative clean energy with purely domestic technology. Being the pioneers of stepping a foot into an unfamiliar area, the alternative energy industry, the company has been in activity with a mission of developing and providing the best tech knowhow and the best quality of products based on the perfect harmony of superior engineers and the thorough sprit of artisans even while facing barriers. Kangnam products are well-recognized not only domestically but also internationally. Kangnam products have entered the European markets after passing their strict and rigorous evaluation policies on product reliability and durability.