About Taegoen From Korea

NPEL is in close partnership with Taegoen Co., Ltd. for its transmission line projects. Taegoen houses diverse experiences and a high degree of skills in Electric, Fire Proof Facilities, Telecommunications, and Construction works. Taegeon has nurtured its staff into a top-level human resource capable of Designing, Manufacturing, Delivering, Installing and Commissioning the Electrics, Fire Proof Facilities, Telecommunications and Electric Facilities Works and diverse Civil Works and Plant Construction, with extreme sincerity and devotion, Their major business areas are follows:

Electric Works

  • Electrical Equipment Works for Plant, Building, Apartment, etc.
  • Construction for 154KV of Transmission Line(T/L) and Power Substation Facilities(S/S).
  • Construction for 345KV of Transmission Line(T/L) and Power Substation Facilities(S/S).
  • Construction for Central Monitor, Control, Electric Device System of Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Construction for Central Monitor, Control, and Electric Device System of Water Intake Station and Boosting Station
  • Manufacturing Panels and Repairing Electric Instruments Other Electric Works

Fire Proof Facilities Construction

  • Sprinkler Extinguishing System.
  • Smoke Control System, Radio Communication Auxiliary Facilities.
  • Fire Protection Shutter Facilities
  • Other Extinguishing Facilities

Telecommunications Works

  • Optical Communication Equipment Work.
  • LAN Work and Electrification Work, Exchanger Network Construction.
  • Premises Cabling Equipment Work.
  • Subway Repeater Work and Maintenance.

Environment Pollution Prevention Equipment Work.

  • Dust Collector Control Panel and Central Monitor System Work.
  • Water Treatment Facilities Control Panel Central Monitor System Work (SCADA, ACS, etc.).

Various Plant Process Automation Control System Work.
Other System Works Customer Requested.