TP Canal Link Project

TP-Link-CanalTP Link Tail Hydropower, the 9MW Project would be developed on TaunsaPanjnad (TP) Link Canal at RD 183+000. TP Link Canal off-takes from the left of Taunsa Barrage. The proposed project area is located at a distance of 65 km from Multan. The project area is located in Tehsil Rangpur, District Muzaffargarh.The distance of project area from Karachi port is about 1015 km by road and is easily accessible by all means of travel and communication, i.e., railway, road and telephone systems.

Preparation of TP Link Canal

The Punjab Irrigation and Power Department provided us with the basic data regarding canal and canal structures in the form of structural drawings along with longitudinal section, daily discharge and water level data. Topographic mapping and sub-surface drilling were carried out
by a private company. NPEL was awarded the letter of Indent by the Punjab Private Power Development Board and the task of preparing the feasibility study was awarded to FHC Consulting Engineers, Lahore.Preparation-of-TP-Link-Cana

Power and Energy

Power and energy potential of TP Link Hydropower Project has been investigated in detail
taking into consideration the discharges passing through the existing fall structure and
corresponding downstream water levels.

For a design discharge of 260 m3/s and rated head of 4.2 m, installed capacity of plant would
be 9.0 MW with mean annual energy production of 35.57 GWh.