Wind Energy

NPEL has a 50 MW wind power project in Gharo, Sindh. The analysis of PMD and NREL show a promising, exploitable, wind energy potential of more than 50,000 MW from that region.

The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Contribute to meeting the electricity supply deficit in Pakistan.
  • Promote renewable energy to avoid the rapid depletion of natural resources and for sustainable development and environment stability.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by heavy industrial, thermal power generation. We want to have negligible contribution in the solid waste intensity of power generation in the environment.


clip_image006The project is located at Gharo, Sindh which is situated about 30 km form Bhanmbore city on the coastal highway. The area is generally flat and gradually rising towards northwest of the site. These sites were chosen based on their accessibility and proximity to Karachi, convenient mode of transport of equipment and their access to Karachi Grid geographic / climate factors. The land required for the complete project is estimated at 4,000 acres. 1,000 acres of land is already acquired for initial phases of the project on long lease basis. All the land acquisition process will be done through the involvement of the Government of Sindh.
Infrastructure at site
clip_image004Infrastructure on site: Gharo Creek has no infrastructure very close to the site and has the best potential for end energy as there are no strong unobstructed winds unobstructed from the predominant wind direction. There are no chances of future construction ahead of the site as that has flowing creek.
Process completed for the project

Machine Selection


Technical Feasibility


Perfprmance Guarantee


Letter of Support


Micrositing and Production Analysis


Financial Model


Initial Environment Examination


Generation License and Tariff